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The bookstore and the corridor walls are right behind the benches. I think the corner in front of me has some game strategy magazines as well. …So, as a gamer, I can't help but look behind Main-san…

“Hey, are you more interested in game magazines than my story? You’re surely underestimating me, Amako.”


I immediately turned to her like a puppet after hearing that. …Recently, I think I can tell whether Main-san’s being serious or joking. According to my feelings, …that was a pretty severe warning. I should just listen to her.

Main-san confirmed my attitude and started explaining after a pause.

“My mother left home shortly after Mii’s birth. I was still a student back then.”

“What student?”

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“A female student.”

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“No, I mean, are you a university or high school-“

“The direct cause of the divorce is my mother cheated.”

She ignored that!? Also, her face showed genuine sadness to seal away my complaint! H-How cunning can she be!?

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It really hurts when you can’t say something you want. But, Main-san continued talking about her own story.