Does Mary Su Wen really make money?

Does Mary Su Wen really make money?

I tried calling out to her again, but she still refused to respond.

At first I thought that she was merely ignoring me, but upon further inspection, it seemed like she was actually up to something in there.

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“I’m gonna unzip the flap, okay?”

Just to be safe, I waited for thirty seconds or so before unzipping the entrance to her tent.

“…What do you want?”

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Upon looking inside, I was met with the sight of a seated Ibuki who seemed to be chewing on something.

“You’re really─ Wait, no, what are you eating?”


“Jerky…? That wasn’t included in the Uninhabited Island Manuel they handed out to us before the exam, though?”

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In other words, she had secured fresh meat somehow, perhaps by purchasing it, and dried it into jerky all by herself.

However, it’d take quite a lot of time and effort for her to go through the jerky-making process on her own.

Back when the exam first began, she had started out by provoking Horikita before immediately setting off for the first designated area. If she had been carrying raw meat back then, it went without saying that it would’ve spoiled within a few hours of this scorching heat.

With that in mind, it made more sense to think that this was a part of a strategy that the entirety of Class 2-B was in on.

I could imagine that some Class 2-B group out there had taken on the job of making a large quantity of jerky for the rest of the class.

It would only be possible because it was cost-effective and cheap on the wallet. No matter how portable it might be, straight-up buying premade food that has a long shelf-life, such as dried meats, wouldn’t be very practical from a cost-performance standpoint due to the high prices the school would charge for it. So, rather than buy the processed result, you could get more bang for your buck by going through the effort to make your own jerky out of raw beef instead.

I hadn’t seen what Ryūen’s food situation was like back when I crossed paths with him, but it was probably safe to assume that he was carrying emergency rations as well, jerky in particular. Even though it couldn’t hurt, the students of Class 2-B could look past the highly competitive Tasks that supplied participants with food.