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By the way, this whole incident is very impolite. I can’t believe she said I was blackmailed by Aguri-san…Well, that’s not entirely wrong. B-But, that’s not as severe as what Chiaki has imagined.

Then, after I defended myself. Chiaki immediately…

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“Ahhh, that’s right, that’s the line of a typical child who’s bullied continuously! It’s like that kind of “Oh, I’m wrestling with my friends” excuse!”

She freaked out. Uh, w-well, I did sound like that tone! However, Aguri-san isn’t a nasty girl. I tried my absolute best to convey this point to her, and I finally managed to solve Chiaki’s misunderstanding. From what I heard from Chiaki, she said she got the impression of “Hmm, I didn’t expect that this gal seems to be a nice person” when she’s playing the game of life with Aguri-san. Of course, Aguri-san is a really nice person, after all.

With that, I unexpectedly acquired the chance to solve some of the misunderstandings between Chiaki and me.

However, I also grabbed the chance and explained the relationship between Tendou-san and me.

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“Ah, while I’m not sure what Tendou-san thinks…but at least I continued dating Tendou-san because I love her. I’m not lying about that one.”

I presented my own thoughts firmly. However, Chiaki gave me a complicated bitter smile. Don’t tell me she wants her rival to suffer under the relationship with the devil version of Aguri-san? I’m not sure what Chiaki’s thinking.

Anyway, after we fixed all these minor misunderstands, Chiaki changed her mind and no longer considered Aguri-san to be a devil. (Even though she was quite right in some parts) Also, she “reluctantly” agreed that Tendou-san dated me out of her “affection” and not out of her “kindness.”

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Then, we can finally talk about the fact that Uehara-kun confessed to Chiaki.

“So, is it okay for me to treat that handsome Uehara-kun guy as a shitty player?”

This comes from Konoha-san, who never directly meet with Uehara-kun before. Although she’s kind of harsh, I guess it’s reasonable for an outsider to view it this way after a subjective view of the whole situation.

After all, Uehara-kun...told me that he can no longer support the relationship between Tendou-san and me…This means that, after he reaffirmed his love for Tendou-san for not even a second, he immediately called Chiaki and confessed to her.

This is all upon the fact he already got Aguri-san as his legitimate girlfriend. From all these pieces of intelligence alone, Konoha-san’s attitude is reasonable. She’ll definitely not feel good when a person like this is harassing her sister.

On the other hand, Chiaki and I don’t agree with Konoha-san’s point at all.

The reason is simple. It’s because we’re sure that Uehara-kun is not a shitty person like that.