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“Well, to put it simply, I tried to control the class through fear-mongering.”

“You did that?”

“Yes. I’m not particularly good at fighting like Sudō-kun and Ryūen-kun. However, there aren’t very many people who can seriously hit someone. Even if I were serious enough to throw a punch, nobody would be willing to hit me back. I alone stood on top while the rest of the class sat at the bottom. By doing so, I was looking to get rid of the bullying. Whenever things started getting out of hand, I’d step in. I gave both sides an equal punishment, equal amounts of pain. My actions were no different than bullying. But, there was at least a brief moment of peace.”

Hirata was probably well aware that his actions were by no means justice. That what he had done was wrong.

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But even so, he didn’t want to acknowledge a world where the people around him were being abused.

“Based on what happened… I find myself wondering if I ended up ruining that year for everyone. They just trudged through each day like lifeless robots who never smiled anymore. At the time, it was the talk of the town back where I lived… It was pretty much treated like a scandal.”

“How did the school end up dealing with it?”

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“Their response was fairly unprecedented. They forcefully broke up all of the classes for a while, and then redistributed everyone, including me. We were also placed under strict observation until the day we graduated.”

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With a scandal that famous, it’s only natural that it’d end up getting a lot of attention.

In which case, there was no way that this high school hadn’t caught wind of it, right?

No, they may actually have chosen to enroll Hirata here precisely because they knew about the scandal.

Either way, I could finally see the reason why Hirata had been placed in Class D.

“You can’t forgive yourself for letting Yamauchi get targeted, can you?”

“Yes… Back then, I thought that as long as it didn’t come to my attention, I could just pretend not to know about it. I had wanted to just keep quiet about it until the day of the vote.”

Ultimately, Horikita’s actions back then led to him being marked as unnecessary.

“I’m just useless. I never should’ve tried to keep the class together in the first place. Despite doing everything I could, I still couldn’t protect Yamauchi-kun… You probably knew that already, Ayanokōji-kun. I just can’t do it anymore. In order to protect someone, I’ve even thought about using fear tactics again. I get that I should know better. That it’d be a mistake, and yet…”

Hirata’s voice trembled.