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“About your thoughts right now. Horikita said it early, but you’re helping out the enemy.”

I might get some new ideas and try to do something with it.

“I don’t think that’s true. It’s important that a lot of ideas are circulated. Also, since we’re in a cooperative relationship, it’s completely fine.”

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It wasn’t the complacency of being in class B… but rather, it was a characteristic of Ichinose. Somehow, I could understand what she was thinking. Anyway, she’s actually a good person—and doesn’t have two sides to her.”

“My brain isn’t good enough to exchange ideas and such. I can only say ‘I’m sorry’ to that.”

“It’s fine even it’s just me talking. If you think it’s useful information, you can use it.”

Ichinose seemed to remember something and stopped in her tracks.

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As I wondered what it was about, I turned my head and saw her serious expression.

“You know… I wanted to ask you something. Is that okay?”

I could hardly imagine the cheerful Ichinose from a few seconds ago. My body stiffened up.

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“I’ll answer to the best of my ability.”

There’s nothing I can answer with my brain that has the knowledge of a hundred million books (a big lie).

“Have you ever been confessed to by a girl?”

Um… That wasn’t in the millions of books I read…

“Do I look like a person who hasn’t been confessed to before…?”

Is this when she calls me disgusting, a virgin, or makes fun of me? I’ll cry, you know?

I’m only a first-year high school student! It’s way too early for that. Hey, hey. Don’t you think so too?