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After cleaning up, I turned on the ventilation fan above my stove, looking to let out the smell that had filled the room. I eventually noticed my phone vibrating on my bed, the sound drowned out by the noise of the fan. I thought about just calling back later, but it never stopped ringing, so I picked up.

[You took like, forever to pick up.]

This was the first time Kei had been the one to contact me in a few days now. The last time was back when the special exam had just begun.

The first thing out of her mouth was a complaint.

[You’re the one who told me to call around this time. Get a grip, would ya?]

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“My bad. So, did you find out about that thing I asked you to look into this morning?”

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[I’m only calling cuz I did my research properly, so don’t you think you aren’t, like, being grateful enough?]

“I’m very grateful. So…?”

[It doesn’t seem like you’re grateful at all… Well, whatever. According to the store person, only one of ‘em has been sold since April. They told me that they like, pretty much never sell that model compared to the other similar ones they’ve got, and that they’re lucky to sell even one or two of ‘em a year. But the thing is, apparently one of the new students tried buying one too.]

There was no need to tell me about the identity of the person who bought one recently. I was far more interested in the new student who tried to buy one.

“Tried buying one, huh…? So they didn’t buy one, then?”

There was no physical way this new first-year student wouldn’t have been able to buy it unless they had done something absurd like spending all of their points immediately after they first came to the school.