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At 10 AM the following day...

Once Pei Qian woke up, the first thing he did was pick up his phone and check Qiao Liang’s video. When he saw the number of views, he was shocked.

However, compared to the figures on Qiao Liang’s other videos, it was still not bad.

Obviously, as a well-known UP Master on Aili Island, Qiao Liang had a huge fan base. Even though this was a new video series that had been uploaded a mere few hours ago, it was already getting a lot of attention.

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However, it was also clear that the video was not as popular as the ‘Products of the Gods’ series.

Upon clicking on the video, many gamers realized that it was not about games and then did not bother to watch anymore. Instead, they clicked on the ‘x’ button at once.

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Thus, until now, Pei Qian was still quite satisfied with the video’s popularity. It had not even made it on the charts for the entire website.

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What gave Pei Qian even more comfort was that the comments under the video were very different from the ‘Products of the Gods’ series. It did not look like the entire situation was being turned upside-down. Instead, most people seemed to take Qiao Liang’s words with caution and adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Pei Qian casually scanned the comments with the most likes.

“Well said! I won’t give you my full support yet, but I definitely will once Thriller Hostel becomes popular!”

“We can definitely trust Old Qiao when it comes to games, but for haunted houses... let’s wait and see.”

“You’re right, but I will never go there (sarcasm).”

“Let me be fair! I’m completely on Old Qiao’s side, and I fully believe that this video is not sponsored. Old Qiao always makes it clear when his videos are sponsored, and he never hides it. However—!