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Online Baidu search introduction how to make money

Now, things were different. He had his loveable employees!

Pei Qian had already come up with a detailed plan.

Once he confirmed it, Pei Qian called Assistant Xin into his own office.

“Have you edited the salary standards?” Pei Qian asked.

Xin Hailu nodded and said, “Yes, Boss Pei. I’ve already done everything according to your instructions.”

“First, I adjusted the salaries of all employees according to their ranks. The supervisor’s salary has been increased by 60%!,(MISSING) and the others have all been increased by 30%!<(MISSING)/p>

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“Apart from this, I’ve also rolled out the project bonus system. 15%!o(MISSING)f the net profits we earn from games would be distributed as a project bonus to all employees involved in the research and development of the game.

“We have also added employee welfare benefits. Each month, every employee will get a shopping card worth a thousand yuan.”

Pei Qian nodded and said, “Very good.”

All these expenses, from the salary adjustments to the project bonuses, were all the maximum amounts that the System permitted at the moment.

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Pei Qian wanted to give the employees even more money, but the System would not allow it. This was the best he could do.

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Before Ocean Stronghold was published, Pei Qian thought about distributing project bonuses and shopping cards. However, he could not justify such expenses.