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The viewers in the live-stream already thought that the judges were going to brag.

However, they had all guessed wrong, and it was a huge mistake!

The first judge took the microphone and began to evaluate the roasted cold noodles in front of him.

“All in all, I think booth number six’s cold noodles tasted the best.”

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“Booth number six’s roasted cold noodles have traditional sweet and sour taste. Compared to other cold noodles with sour and sweet taste, its greatest characteristic is that the amount of seasoning used is very precise. It can be said to be just right.”

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“Sweet and sour roasted cold noodles should have more vinegar instead of sugar. That’s because the high temperature of the iron plate would cause the vinegar to dissipate. At the same time, it would make the cold noodles taste even more flavorful. If you put too little, there would be no sour taste, only sweetness. The taste would completely change.”

“The amount of seasoning added must be matched with the timing on the ironing board. Otherwise, the texture and taste of the cold noodles would be different. Therefore, to me, the taste of the roasted cold noodles from booth number six is the best.”

“As for booth number one’s cold noodles, which is Cold-Faced Lady’s cold noodles, I think there is a problem with the amount of seasoning used: there is too little vinegar. I guess that they did not take into account the high temperature of the iron plate and affected the taste of cold noodles.”

Immediately after, the second judge started speaking.

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“I agree with the first judge. The cold noodles served by booth number six is indeed very good, but I think booth number three’s cold noodles taste better.”

“I specially observed the cooking process of all the vendors. Everyone was spraying water on the surface of the noodles while roasting the cold noodles. That’s right. That’s because the right amount of water can make the skin soft and tough. The texture would be better. The timing and volume of the water being sprayed on by booth number three’s vendor is just right. Therefore, booth number three’s roasted cold noodles is the best in terms of texture.”

“As for the Cold-Faced Lady’s roasted cold noodles, I don’t think it’s very bad in terms of texture, but it’s not outstanding either. It gives people the feeling that it’s just average and doesn’t have any obvious memorable characteristics.”