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Pei Qian deliberated his answer after thinking for a while before he began to answer Chang You’s questions one by one.

“The news conference will be held in Jingzhou. Choose the largest venue, invite the media to come and take care of their food and lodging. Give away tickets for the event; ask Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Upwind Courier stations, Fish-Catching Take-Out, etc. to distribute. Send them tickets as long as they are interested.

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“Do not highlight anything about our competitors at the news conference. You must change your bad habits from Hongcheng Technologies!

“We’ll only talk about ourselves. We’ll keep it short and sharp so that everyone can rest!

“When you present the slideshow, you have to do it tactfully. Cover the excellent parts of our cell phone with one word. We’ll focus on the deficiencies of our mobile phones.

“Give consumers enough information. We cannot blind them with technical words!

“As for the spokesperson... I have not decided on one. Wait a few more days if it’s not urgent.”

Pei Qian solved all the problems at lightning speed.

Chang You blinked and fell into a state of confusion.

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“Boss Pei, are you sure you mean ‘we’ll focus on the deficiencies of our mobile phones?’”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, is there a problem?” Chang You’s expressions were very exciting. He was first confused, then puzzled, and finally thoughtful. However, after several changes, Chang You still said through gritted teeth, “Alright, Boss Pei! I’ll do that!”

He turned around and walked out.

Pei Qian quickly raised his hand. “Wait!”

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Chang You, “Eh? Boss Pei, do you have other instructions?”

Pei Qian cleared his throat, thinking about how to phrase his thoughts. He discovered that the situation was looking increasingly strange.

In the past, whenever he gave ridiculous suggestions, his subordinates would confirm his instructions with him repeatedly, clarify operational details, and then reluctantly carry them out.

Today, Chang You did not ask a single question. Instead, he struggled internally and was prepared to carry it out!

That wouldn’t do!

Pei Qian could not relax.