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The delivery man opened the package outside the door in a very considerate manner. Qiao Liang carried the new bickering machine in and placed it in the living room. Then, he took out the old bickering machine and handed it to the delivery man.

Tengda had provided a service where the original version could be exchanged for the new version which would also entitle them to a discount. Qiao Liang felt that there was no point in having two Bickering Machines at home, so he replaced the previous one.

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Qiao Liang began to size up the new bickering machine after closing the door and sending the delivery man off.

His first impression was that this thing had grown taller and was quite heavy.

The original Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was not light either because it was filled with metal parts. Now, with the addition of the sound system, it became even heavier. However, it could still be moved.

Qiao Liang took the two small speakers out of the bickering machine and played with them. He found them very interesting.

He had read the introduction of the new Bickering Machine before on the information page. He knew that there were two removable surround sound systems here, but he still found it interesting to play with them.

It looked very different from other smart speakers or echo wall products from the surface.

He placed the bar-shaped sound system under the television, and the main part of the bickering machine next to the television cabinet. Then, he placed the two removable surround sound systems on the bookshelf behind the sofa, one on the left and one on the right.

“Play a movie to feel it.” Qiao Liang casually turned on a movie from the television, preparing to test the effect of the sound system.

The echo wall had advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional sound systems. The sound quality of the echo wall would definitely not be comparable to traditional speakers of the same price, but it would be much better in terms of surrounding and setting.

What’s more, the echo wall on the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was priced at about two thousand yuan. In the eyes of true sound enthusiasts, it was only at the level of “listening to sound”. The sound quality was not that good either.

However, it was definitely much better than those smart speakers that cost hundreds of yuan or the sound system that came with the television. To ordinary people, the improvement in the sound quality was obvious.

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The movie began to play. The sound effects from all directions quickly surrounded Qiao Liang. Compared to the sound system that came with the television, the biggest advantage of the echo wall was the layers of sound it could produce.

If the voice before was an ordinary cake, then the echo wall would be a thousand-layer cake.

Qiao Liang could not help but feel regret when he felt like he was in the same situation.