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Perhaps there's something wrong with his class? I didn't want to dig any deeper into that and returned to my normal posture on my chair. Horikita quickly grasped the situation too, and quickly took out her own phone and typed this to me. "If that phone is indeed his, better not to talk carelessly" she typed to me. What she said is indeed true. "Do you think what Ryuuen said was true? What he said about pinning down the "targets" from every class. Horikita looked at me in surprise for a moment but then she quickly understood the meaning behind my words. "I wonder. I can't say for sure with 100%!c(MISSING)ertainty, there's not much time for this exam after all". "You have it rough too".

"I'm going to work you to the bone, we also need to find the "targets" as quickly as possible" Horikita then tells me. "Easier said than done, there's no way I can do that" I tell her. "I'm not expecting much from you too, but I just wanted information on the (Rabbit) group from you" she says. By having this conversation, I was able to highlight Horikita's talent and my own incompetence. In doing so, suspicion would be diverted off me to a certain degree. After all, Ryuuen did try to eavesdrop using his own phone. "If there's no particular expectation on me, I'll give it a shot" I tell Horikita. Then without saying anything else, Horikita pressed a button on the elevator and left. Now, should I go back to my room and sleep? Or come up with a strategy for the exam?

In any case, I decided to leave Ryuuen's phone as it is. And with that, I decided to head back to my own room. I can also learn more about Horikita's group from Hirata there after all. And fortunately, Hirata, also happens to be in the same room as me. And he should be approaching this exam with a different perspective from Horikita after all. But Hirata was not in the room when I got there, only Yukimura. And he was sitting on the edge of the bed with a stern expression on his face. "Is something wrong?" I ask him. I cannot ignore a roommate like that after all, and Yukimura also realized I was there since he sighed quietly and muttered at me. "It's about our group. Why do we have to be Karuizawa and Sotomura?" he grumbles. "What's with you, all of a sudden". "Haven't you heard? It seems there's a pattern to how the groups are assigned. The (Dragon) group has the most excellent students assigned to it. That makes it worse" he says. I see now. That's why he was feeling anxious. Indeed, the (Dragon) group to which Horikita belongs has the best ones.

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There's no doubt about that judging by the conversation of the teachers yesterday and Ryuuen's own assessment. If we go by academic ability only, however, Yukimura is up there with Hirata and Horikita too. Of course he would not be satisfied by being placed in the (Rabbit) group instead. Yukimura did avoid using her name directly but he was looking at me intently. There's nothing I can do even if you say that. I then decided to head to my bed and wait until Hirata gets back. But Yukimura was looking at me with suspicious eyes the whole way. "Ayanokouji. I just want to check with you to be sure. But you're not the "target" right?" Yukimura asks me.

"I'm going to deny it, but is there even meaning in checking?" I ask him in reply. "Of course, in this exam 'cooperation' is of the essence. In other words, if you cooperate we won't lose" he tells me. "That's true. Unfortunately, I really am not the "target" here". "That's true right? You better not be trying to hog points for yourself" Yukimura tells me. Since it seems to be his personal policy to doubt others, that was unsurprisingly Yukimura's response to me. "I'm not the "target", can I believe you're not as well, Yukimura?" I ask him.

"Of course I'm not. By the way Sotomura is also not the "target", you know" Yukimura tells me. This was a confirmation between friends, almost like a code word saying 'do not betray each other'. "I also asked Karuizawa and she denied being the "target" too but believing in her words is a different matter" Yukimura continues. It seems Yukimura, who dislikes Karuizawa, is inclined to disbelieve her words. Of course, to know for sure, he could have simply checked her phone but given the relationship between them, that seems difficult to do. It seems Yukimura was satisfied for now since he didn't ask any further. I bury my face in the pillow and closed my eyes. I felt uneasy having someone in the room watch me sleep, but it's not that unpleasant. I can be as adaptive as a chameleon when I need to be, in terms of making friends as well. It seems even Yukimura has started to acknowledge me as a friend. I then fall asleep after hearing Yukimura's slight sigh again from across the room.

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In the afternoon, I once again went to the discussion room of the (Rabbit) group. But even in the same place and the same space, depending on who you're with the atmosphere will also inevitably change. I arrived in the room ten minutes before the start of the discussion and the one who arrived right after me was Karuizawa. When she saw me, her expression changed into a disgusted one and she immediately averted her eyes away from me. She then sat in a corner of the room (the corner furthest away from me) and started fiddling with her phone. It's not like we had a fight or anything, or that we don't get along. I'm just simply put, hated by her. But that's the worst type of relationship to have.

If there is a reason behind the hate, there is room for reconciliation. However if there is only an ambiguous dislike of me, I cannot make any breakthrough with her. Currently, my standing with her is quite bad. I could have left the room and spent time out in the hallway until Ichinose and the others arrive. But I can't just leave because the atmosphere is getting awkward in here.

I quickly corrected my stance in a manner befitting a dignified person like a man. In any case, this type of exam is particularly bad for me. Especially since it revolves around the concept of 'dialogue' which is a weakness for me. After spending the entire semester as a loner, it's not like I can suddenly start cultivating a chatty image. But Karuizawa seems to have no intention of keeping quiet since she placed the phone near her ear and started speaking.

"Ahh, Rinocchi? How're things over there? Here? Things are awful here" she spoke to her friend through the phone. Since we were the only people in the room, naturally I could hear every bit of her conversation. The worst part is that once she ends her call, an awkward silence descended upon the room. Then she spoke to me "Aah...speaking of which are you the "target"? It seems Yukimura-kun and Soto.....something-kun aren't" she asks me. At least remember Sotomura's name, I thought. Since there was no one else in the room, it seems she's picked me to talk to.

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It was a question Yukimura also asked me just a while ago. It can't be helped that everyone would want to check this with me. "No" I reply to her. "I see, then that's fine". But unlike Yukimura, she didn't ask again to confirm. "Do you trust me?" I ask her. "Ha? You said you're not the "target" right?" she replies to me. I was surprised that she would so easily trust in my words. It's not like we ever got along or anything. But I suppose there's no real need to confirm that anyways, because what I'm really aiming for in this exam aren't the points. What I want to confirm is whether this person known as "Karuizawa Kei" is truly a useful existence or not. "You're both early". It seems the three students from Class B have arrived at the same time. "Let's get along today as well" I reply to Ichinose. Ichinose also called out to Karuizawa with those words but Karuizawa ignored her and continued fiddling with her phone.

And as it was yesterday, the members gathered together prior to the discussion. It seems the situation still hasn't changed at all from the previous discussions.

Class A quickly took its distance and only the remaining three classes gathered to form a circle. Seeing that, Karuizawa stood up and went over to join Class A and sat down next to Machida of Class A. That action was probably taken as a defensive measure against Manabe. Machida did not actively take part in the discussions, but his 'presence' was still very strong and his voice was influential in the group still. And there is still the difference in strength between a male and a female student which leaves Manabe and the Class C girls unable to do anything to Karuizawa with Machida around.

If Karuizawa had decided to depend on the unreliable me or Sotomura instead, Manabe and her group would not have hesitated to attack her. Thinking that way, Karuizawa's decision to choose Machida is correct.

"It's ok, if anything happens, I'll definitely save you" Machida promises Karuizawa. "Thank you, Machida-kun" Karuizawa says in reply. It seems that by being relied on, Machida has become overly conscious of Karuizawa. Since she is a cute girl on the outside, it can't be helped even if feelings to protect her are born inside Machida. Leaving aside this new love story, the real problem right now is the exam. Just like us, the other classes probably understand as well. They must have already talked about it like we have, and must know whether the "target" is in their class or not.

"Now, I've been thinking about it since last night. But, I think we should now discuss with each other a way to find out who the "target" is" Ichinose says. "That again? I've already told you there are people you cannot negotiate with. And without us participating, there's no way you can discover the "target" right?" words that mock Ichinose like that came from Class A. "I don't think so, I think it's a matter of trust here. And that's why today, we will be playing cards with everyone. Of course I won't make it compulsory so only willing people should join" Ichinose then continues while taking out a deck of cards with a smile.