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If he looks at me like that, it will be even more shameful for me to link him with my fate.

In fact, there was no resentment or hatred towards him.

The organization being destroyed by the hero, Hiro, was simply them reaping what they sow, and to complain about it would be lashing out with unjustified resentment aye.

In other words, it had nothing to do with him.

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“...... Hey...... Wacha. Is there anyone out on the island who seems usable?”

“There are a few aye”

“I see. I was a little concerned about harboring that woman, but thanks to her opening a strange dojo, I have more people I can use, and it will help.”

“Arcane True Zenith Dojo aye. I’m also getting stronger aye.”

The country isolated from the Union as a secluded nation.

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In other words, if you flee there, no one can catch you no matter what crimes you have committed outside.

It has been more than ten years since I came to this island country as an “unofficial tour conductor” who connected the inside and outside of this island country within the organization. Nowadays, no one doubted me being a resident of this country aye.

Originally, in Cacretale, it was considered a crime for residents to leave the island and for people from outside to come to the island.

So there I was, aye. I made connections by bribing people at the center of the nation, and as long as I was an intermediary, I was able to unofficially connect the island to the outside world.

However, those days changed when a man, who was a brother to the boss of the organization and one of the Six Supremacy of the Demon King Army, requested that we sheltered a woman and her baby on the island.

The woman was also one of the Six Supremacy who left their names in history. And the baby she brought with her was so scared for her life that I didn’t even check her background aye.

And while she was in hiding, the woman instigated the people of this country to create an environment where she could move easily and conveniently.

As I was not originally from this country, I moved around in a position that was convenient for me aye, but before I knew it, the people thought that I was ‘The High Priestess’ oldest disciple’ aye.

As a result, the ministers of the old regime, who knew my identity but had tolerated me, were also dismissed and no longer bribed me, and I was okay with that aye...