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There is no way he will do nothing and overlook a political marriage.

(Even though he can’t go against an order from the『top』as part of House Arcstria…)

I’m sure he’ll try to help the president by any means possible.

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「It’s worth a try, let’s go.」

「Aa, let’s go!」

「Classes don’t matter in this situation, though…!」

So we went to meet the president’s father, Rodis Arcstria.

We slipped out of class for the third period and onwards, and headed to the president’s home.

(It’s been six months since the summer camp that I’ve been here.)

I never thought I’d be visiting again with such a dark feeling.

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I knocked on an imposing door and waited a little on the spot. And Rodis-san opened the door.

Rodis Arcstria. Shortly trimmed black hair streaked with grey and well-groomed goatee. Probably about 180 centimeters tall. A dark green kimono and a black haori that suited quite well. A well-trained body can even be seen over his clothes. His left eye has an old scar that looks like a slash, and all-around has a tough look.

「Rodis-san, it’s been some time since the Keishinkai. Can I borrow some of your time?」

「Allen Rodore… and friends of Sie, huh.」

He glared at me as if staring at a sworn enemy, and then turned his eyes towards Ria and the others behind me.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t have time now. Come back another day.」

The moment Rodis-san said that and tried to close the door, Rose quickly inserted her foot between the door.

The ability to take instant action, as expected of Rose.