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I’m glad that I heard her say that. I pressed my chest in relief as I mumbled.

“But uncle wasn’t home today, perhaps this is the fortune of the misfortune.”

“Yeah. While my father wasn’t aggressive, …but he’s an irritable person in every way.”

“R-Really, an irritable person in every way…?”

W-What does that mean? My body was shivering when I imagined the day that I need to meet my girlfriend’s father.

So, Tendou-san tried to be considerate and changed the topic.

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“Right, I’m sorry, Amano-kun. I’m acting so wilfully for accompanying you to the bus station.”

“Eh? Ah, r-right. When I thought about my adorable girlfriend has to go home alone at night after you sent me there, I, as your boyfriend, meant to reject that…”

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I stopped for a second here before smiling at her.

“However, there’s something that you want me to hear, right?”

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Tendou-san answered with a bright smile. After I looked around, I continued.

“Hmm, …if that’s the case, I’ll allow you to do this for once…”