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“Even if one robot exploded, there are still five in stock. I’m relieved.”

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“Eh, it’s already pretty horrible if one of us exploded, right.”

Kousei complained, yet Mii doesn’t seem to care at all. She’s playing with the “hair controller” on my hand cheerfully.

So, Kase-senpai also stopped and agreed with Kousei as he pushed his glasses a bit.

“Indeed, I also feel like it’s a failure to play in such an inefficient way.”

“Oh, you’re quite smart, uh, …the senpai that will lose quietly in the third battle.”

“My name is Kase! Also, hey, Keita Amano! Where are your little brother’s manners!?”

“I-I’m sorry, Kase-senpai. Uh, …I should say he’s usually not like this. …No, while he’s mean when talking to me, he should be friendlier to outsiders. K-Kousei, you shouldn’t do that!”


Amano didn’t know what to do while Kousei leaned on the bench and stared at the sky like this has nothing to do with him. …I didn’t know this guy will act coldly to others once his real personality is revealed. Well, at least he’s straightforward in a way.

So, Kase-senpai sighed and gave up on lecturing Kousei’s attitude as he continued.

“Anyway, we’re being extremely inefficient at searching people right now. This is a fact. Initially, I hoped to split us into two teams…”

I continued for him.

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“After all, only Mii knows her mother’s face.”

“She’s not my mother. She’s my mom.”

Suddenly, Mii showed a mysterious persistence. “Yes, yes, yes, she’s your mom.” I casually answered her and moved on.

“Even so, we can’t deal with this the other way. If we screamed ‘Did anyone lose a child called Mii!?’ to the pedestrians-“

She already pulled my hair before I could finish.