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After I saw Chiaki-san’s thoroughly depressed face, I…I once again believed that my decision is “correct.”

(Perhaps no one will understand. I sincerely get that I’m asserting things here. However, …this…this is how I’m going to show my sincerity. …This is…the conclusion I’ve reached for my relationship.)

I stared at Chiaki-san’s eyes again. As for her, …she’s still glaring at me with a shocked look, even mixed with slight sparks of anger.

(…It’s because you’re a person like this…)

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At this moment, I took a deep breath…

-Then, finally, I told someone why I’m doing this.

“But, this way, everyone can finally ‘love’ each other, without any boundaries.”


Chiaki-san was speechless. I held her hand and smiled warmly before continuing.

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“Chiaki-san, the love you have for Amano-kun. …Although I’m unwilling to admit this, I’ll say that it’s ‘genuine,’ …to the point where I’m in awe.”

“Eh? W-Well, how, uh, uh, I, Keita…”

Chiaki-san freaked out since she’s embarrassed. I still held her hand tightly and pressed on.