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“So, even though I know this is very selfish and ignorant of your feelings, I still have to say it.”

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“I, Keita Amano, can’t go out with Konoha Hoshinomori.”


I lowered my head and bit my lips tightly. …What is this? I should’ve known this ending already, …and I’ve prepared for it countless times-

-But my chest is in unbelievable pain.

“Ugh, …ah...”

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I voiced my sadness out. No, keep it together. I have to smile. My brain is forcing that on me. …However, my body and heart aren’t listening.

Even I didn’t expect I would crave for senpai this much.

I thought I can just put down this feeling of mine quickly after the defeat. I thought I could let go.

…But that’s not true.

At this point, all I can do is feel regret. Why did I help someone’s love instead? Why didn’t I just express my love wholeheartedly like onee-chan?