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"That's true but...uuuu---I wonder if I should confess in person.....".

At last, even inside Yamauchi, a single conclusion seems to be forming.


Just as I thought I could hear faint footsteps from behind me, a voice like that called out to me.

"Sakura's here! I'll leave the rest to you!".

It seems Yamauchi was trying to drum up the courage, but since Sakura had arrived earlier than expected, he panicked and cut the call. As for me too, since I had already made contact with Sakura, there was nothing else I could do either. All that's left is to hand over the letter Yamauchi entrusted me with.

"It's a coincidence, right".

"Ahh, no. You were called out here by Kushida right?".

"Y-Yeah. She said she needed to talk to me about something...she said it was something important".

I looked around, but obviously, there was no one else but me.

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"The truth is, I asked Kushida for a favor and had her call you out here".

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Strictly speaking, it wasn't me but it can't be helped even if it confuses her here.

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"Ayanokouji-kun did? I-I see. That's a relief. Normally I don't have much contact with Kushida-san so I was afraid I had done something to make her angry".

She patted her chest in relief. It seems that the Sakura that was called out by Kushida no longer feels uneasy. Towards that Sakura, I decided to confront her with a simple question.

"Even so you're quite early. There's still about 30 minutes until the promised time".

"That's...I was anxious that I needed to get here early".

Still flustered, she explains as such to me.

"But I see, it was Ayanokouji-kun. The one who called me. I'm really relieved".