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“What’s with that? Well, I guess my cousin does bring a lot of troubles.”

Aguri-san smiled bitterly. I looked outside the window when she’s enjoying her black tea.

Perhaps it’s because of the strong breezes and snow today. Everyone’s curling up their bodies while walking. In contrast to the coldness, the northern lands are often warmer because of the abundant heaters. …Some people always say that, but this is clearly irrelevant when you’re outside. It’s just an average- winter that can freeze you to death.

While I’m a bit sorry for people on the outside, I still took a sip of my Olle coffee. After that, I put down the cup and asked Aguri-san.

“So? Aguri-san, you want to complain about Chiaki and I pretending to be good children too?”

“Hmm? No, I’m not taunting you two or anything. I just feel like it would be good for you two to not change. That’s what I meant by good children. However, that’s why…”

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“That’s why?”

“That’s why- I’m very shocked when Hoshinocchi essentially robbed your kiss away.”

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I stared at the cup filled with the mixture of milk and coffee. Then, Aguri-san looked a bit surprised

and questioned.

“But, Amanocchi was unexpectedly distressed too even at that time.”

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“Hiya, I was scared as well. Isn’t that obvious?”

“Then why were you so chill at that time? …You’re literally like the MC in the latter part of a harem anime. ‘I’m a guy that’s used to girls (laughs).” That’s the impression you’re giving me.”

“What’s that? I feel like that’s the worst complaint I’ve ever received! No, I wasn’t acting like that at all! There’s still a lot of EXP away from ‘lol it’s just a kiss’ level!”

“Eh, isn’t there an inflation of your body value yet?”

“How is it possible!? Who do you think I am!?”

“An MC in the latter part of a rom-com novel.”