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“Of course, this is a watered-down version. However, to be able to enjoy the attention and cheers from everyone else inside and outside the internet cafe would be worth being proud of!”

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Zhang Yuan could not help but nod in agreement. He tried hard to imagine himself entering the individual training room as the competition was streamed by the projector onto the huge screen outside. It would be an exciting experience for sure.

Zhang Yuan could not help but exclaim, “That’s genius!

“Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 would be able to pick out the most hardcore gamers from Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0. Then, through the regular competitions, players would be able to fight to emerge among the top few. They might even become the champion team of the internet cafe and earn the admiration of many.

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“That way, we would be able to build an esports competition culture. Once the network is built, gamers would no longer view this place as merely somewhere to surf the net and play games. Instead, it would be a community...

“The only thing that’s lacking is that ordinary gamers would be reduced to being an audience

One did not have to try too hard to figure out that only true hardcore gamers would like this place. Under ordinary circumstances, everyone would be viewed as an equal competitor.

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However, over here, ordinary gamers would be seen as a part of the public. This might be a huge blow for them.

Xiao Peng smiled. “Boss Zhang, I thought about that as well, and so I made the necessary arrangements.

“So you see the new ROF system units?”

Zhang Yuan looked at the computers on all seats. “Yes, there seem to be more lights now, and they look fancier.”

“There are lights on the front, the side, the back, and the top! All of these lights support RGB programming. In other words, you can program it such that there would be special lighting effects for each command.

“Thus, I asked Min Jingchao and the others to create a little function for me.

“GOG’s program would send signals to the programmable RGB lights, causing special lighting effects based on the pre-assigned settings!

“For now, this is my plan: there would be unique lighting effects for the first kill, double kills, multiple kills, kill streaks, becoming legendary, increasing in rank, and the like. Any player that achieves any of the above would see the corresponding lighting effect on the system unit!

“That way, one would just have to look at the special lighting effects on the system unit to figure out if he got the first kill, became legendary in the game... entered the Great Master or King tier...