Is it true that the money makes money through Alipay?

Is it true that the money makes money through Alipay?

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Thus, the criticism online was overwhelming. It almost drowned Finger Games!

Finger Games was also wronged. They shouldn’t be blamed at all. It was all Dayak Corporation’s decision.

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However, they could not push the blame away. They could only silently endure the criticism.

Pei Qian could not bear to watch the players scold them so badly that they did not dare to make a sound and could only be a coward.

However, he had no other choice. In order to spend more money to complete the settlement, he could only let his good brother suffer.

Hopefully, the situation next month will be more optimistic. The pressure to incur losses would not be so huge. He could go easy on his good brother and let IOI catch its breath!

The system screen automatically appeared in front of Pei Qian.

<Wealth Conversion System 2.0>

<Owner: Pei Qian>

<Profit Conversion Ratio 1000:1. Loss Conversion Ratio 10:1>

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<Settlement starting…>

< About to commence reevaluation of the value of fixed assets… >

< System Funds: 6.72 million +32.03 million (↓ 11.48 million) >

< Fixed Assets: 320.28 million >

< Details: >

< Ming Yun Villas Commercial Mansion (12.08 million >

< 12 units in Dawn of Prosperous City (43.89 million) >