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“If that’s the case, then why do you look so anxious?”

Yamauchi didn’t seem calm at all. He was trembling nonstop.

It was proof that, mentally, he was under an incredible amount of stress.


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“Since you made a promise with the enemy, you made sure to sign a contract, yes? It’s one of the basic fundamentals of doing negotiations.”

“N-no, but that’s…”

“A simple verbal promise doesn’t count for anything. Miss little girl isn’t that merciful.”

“Of course I know that! It’s fine!”

Kōenji’s words simply weren’t able to make it through to him.

Yamauchi could only believe that Sakayanagi wouldn’t go back on her word. There was nothing else he could do.

He must have reached out to Sakayanagi many times last night to ensure everything would still go as he expected it to.

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“My my, you must be so reassured, then. It seems that the censure vote I cast for you was meaningless.”