How to sell equipment online?

How to sell equipment online?

“You think you’re so cool, Machio Proteen! If you think your hands are dirty, I’m going to kill you myself, you bastard!!”


Danchok, who had a decent physique, though not as big as Mr. Machio, punched him in the face with his strong arm.

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Rather than avoiding it, it was unavoidable, and it seemed that Mr. Machoi didn’t think he would be attacked, so the reaction was delayed.


And, Mr. Machio was surprised by Danchok, who left him stunned with a slightly swollen cheek where he was hit.

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Then, Danchok...

“I want to ask you. Once I committed a crime, I went to prison, my body and mind were broken and defiled... but I finished my sentence and got out... don’t I have the right to be happy?”

“Wh, what are you...”

“Answer me!”

“...... I don’t... think so.”

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“Then what about you? Rather, have you ever been a criminal?!”