How to find a Java project online

How to find a Java project online

In the end, both core heroes were banned?

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If they had not been banned, FV Team would probably still choose these two tactics with the mentality of hiding tactics. However, the situation was completely messed up!

The commentator in charge of controlling the situation quickly helped him out seeing that the professional gamer was stunned. “It looks like the opponent has made ample preparations before the competition and conducted a very deep study of FV Team! Then, how should FV Team deal with the current situation? I think they might have to come up with a new strategy.”

The live-stream was now cut to the game screen. There were no more graphics on the live-stream platform. The commentator used his elbow to nudge the professional players slightly, meaning that this little episode should not be affecting him and to continue commentating.

The professional player quickly reacted and calmed down.

He thought about it and realized that it made sense. FV Team had always been using these two sets of tactics back and forth. Even he could tell the playstyles. The opposing team’s coaches were not stupid and would definitely be able to tell.

However, he did not expect that the other party did not fight for himself, nor did he study the lineup to counter these two styles. Instead, he directly and roughly finished BAN. This still caught him off guard.

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FV Team’s commonly used heroes might have been banned but they were not flustered at all. They directly locked down the noob hero Storm Swordsman who had won the MVP in the third round of the finals.

The professional players on the commentator platform perked up when they saw this.

Teacher, I know how to answer this question!

Wasn’t this the game that matched with Specter Blacksmith to directly eat all the jungle and mid-laner minions to suppress the economy?

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Many professional players had studied this strategy after the world finals. Of course, there were many things to commentate on.