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That smile could make anyone’s hair stand.

There was a resting area at the side. Confused, everyone brought their instructions there and sat down.

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A loud scream was heard, and a girl ran out from the exit at the back of a shipping container.

Everyone exchanged confused looks. Qiao Liang carefully read the instructions in his hand and realized that ‘Haunted House Nightmare’ had been split into multiple smaller projects. They included bathrooms, window sides, TV sets, stairs, ceilings, underneath beds, and the like.

There was a mission description for every small project. For example, in the bathroom, one had to lock the bathroom door, light up candles, blindfold themselves, wash their hands, and so on.

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Those steps were not mandatory. Visitors could go in, do nothing, and then come back out. However, to get the admission ticket to Ultimate Horror, they had to follow the mission instructions and complete Haunted House Nightmare.

The more Qiao Liang read, the more afraid he became.

It was not because it was difficult to remember. In fact, although there were different items, they were all connected and ordered. He was sure that he would be able to recall the instructions easily once he saw the scene and the props.

Instead, he was mainly afraid because he did not think he would be able to follow through the steps!

He imagined holding a red candle in a pitch-black bathroom and then blindfolding himself in front of the mirror...

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That was no less scary than traditional haunted houses!

He turned to look at the others. Obviously, the bravado that they had all felt earlier had all dissipated by now. Ruan Guangjian, in particular, was already trembling.