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They haven’t even set out on a journey yet, and what about Jamdi’el and Kron? I think there will be opinions on that, but I will break it off here. Excuse me.

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I am overcome with emotion.

Long were the seconds it took to get to this point, and I tremble at the thought of the oncoming rewards.

Of course, there is still much needed for my plan, and this is merely its middle stage.

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But still, my heart is abuzz.

On that day, in order to gather information, I was watching the graduation match of the Imperial City Warrior Academy through magik crystal.

Never did I expect that Hiro and Mamu’s child would use the Great Demon Spiral.

How could he use it?

Who in heavens is that lad?

But what was imperative, rather than unraveling the mystery, was to have the lad at hand as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the parent-child relationship between Earth Lagann and Hiro wasn’t sound, and Earth Lagann had fled from the troublesome Imperial City.

And I was able to find them faster than they could, and spirit him away here to Cacretale.

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No, not yet, don’t laugh yet. Lady Kron would find it strange.

However, no matter how apt his use of the Great Demon Spiral and Breakthrough can be, he was still an unfinished great vessel.

As a precaution, I had thought to use Machio or José, but my concerns were unnecessary.

He mastered Magical Breathing and demonstrated power that surpassed even Machio’s.

I no longer have any complaints.