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“Although I’m reluctant to say I’m in perfect condition… it’s a rare opportunity, so I’d like to give it my best shot.”

Despite the circumstances, she seemed to be fairly enthusiastic and motivated.

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“I’ll be waiting over there then. Come find me when it’s over.”

“Will do!”

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After seeing Nanase off, I decided to leave the Task registration area in the harbor for a bit.

In the meantime, I wanted to make contact with a certain someone. In fact, meeting with this certain someone had been the main purpose behind my coming all the way back to the starting area.

Not too long after I started searching, I found the person I was looking for seated elegantly on a folding chair beneath a parasol that had been set up on the sandy beach.

“Good day to you, Ayanokōji-kun. It seems the weather is going to be awfully hot today, don’t you think?”

“How are you doing, Sakayanagi?”

“Reasonably well, I suppose. Ichinose-san and Shibata-kun are putting forth their best efforts for my sake, so I truly can’t ask for much more than that.”

Ichinose and Shibata were Sakayanagi’s fellow group members. She was participating in the exam in a pseudo-retired state because of her bad leg. Since she couldn’t move together with her group, they could only earn a maximum Arrival Bonus of two points per designated area.

“I’ve been curious about whether or not your group is eligible for Early Bird Bonuses.”

If a group had someone retire, they would lose the ability to earn Early Bird Bonuses.

Sakayanagi, however, was a special case.

“The school has graciously decided to make an exception for my group. After all, it’s not my fault that I’m forced to stay sedentary.”