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If I can’t break the barrier, a “hellish siege” without reinforcements will begin.

「I’m sorry, but you’re the only one whom I can ask right now.」

When the president said that, the gaze in the staff room gathered on me.

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「Understood. I’ll try to do everything I can.」

I was『unsure』. But I had『confidence』.

If I use World Judgement, an attack that cuts apart even the Prison of Time, then any barrier can be cut.

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「Thank you, Allen-kun. I thought you would say that. Ria and Rose, can you accompany Allen-kun? The enemy is not stupid either. They wouldn’t overlook him as he approaches the barrier.」


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Ria and Rose nodded.

「What are you going to do, president?」I asked.

「I’m going to the frontline and hold the front. If we allow the academy building to be invaded, that’s when things will really get out of hand.」

As soon as she said that, she gave the instructions to the teachers.

「The teachers in charge of information remain here. Everyone else joins the battle line. The teachers remaining here, please contact the Holy Knights and the Director as soon as Allen destroys the barrier.」