What industry is most profit on online

What industry is most profit on online

When other UP Masters saw this, they became overwhelmingly envious.

Yet, someone as special as Teacher Qiao was unique. There would be no second Teacher Qiao.

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For this exact reason, Teacher Qiao was immensely grateful towards Tengda Games. After all, he had only been a slightly popular UP Master before this. Now, he was one of the most popular UP Masters on Aili Island’s games channel. This was all because he stood on Tengda Games’ shoulders.

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For all Pei Qian knew-once they released their new game, Teacher Qiao would jump onto it at lightning speed.

At first, Pei Qian wanted to use money to orchestrate the collapse of Teacher Qiao. This was possible, but there was still the problem of what would happen after that.

It was true that Teacher Qiao was in need of money, but what would Pei Qian ask him to do after buying him over?

Could Pei Qian ask him to produce videos that dissed Tengda’s games?

That would be very unreasonable. What’s more, Pei Qian feared that no matter how hard Teacher Qiao tried to diss the games, the audience would see it as large-scale performance art.

Could he ask Teacher Qiao never to create videos about Tengda’s games again?

If he spent money purely for this purpose, Teacher Qiao might begin to doubt Pei Qian’s true motives. This would run contrary to his objective to keep the System’s existence hidden.

Thus, Pei Qian found himself caught in a deadlock.

Asking Teacher Qiao to praise Tengda would be increasing publicity for it.

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Asking Teacher Qiao to diss Tengda would also be increasing publicity for it.

This was disastrous.

Pei Qian understood that he could use money to orchestrate Teacher Qiao’s collapse. He could even make sure that Teacher Qiao would never be able to stand on his own two feet again. However, even if Teacher Qiao tried to make money lying down, it would be of no help to Pei Qian.