Suitable for boys

Suitable for boys

He might have been hesitating at first, but he ended it decisively after he accepted the ‘special observer’ appointment!

Look, how bold!

Pei Qian looked at the comments below the note.

“This lazy bum is acting up again! Ain’t you a lousy author if you end the book at 800,000 words?”

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“To be precise it’s 830,000 words.”

“It’s probably 400,000 words tops if you take away all the fillers!”

“I think it’s still alright. The holes are roughly all filled up. The story is rather complete.”

“The one on top, it’s because of readers like you who are easily pleased that there are so many authors. Trash is trash, rubbish is rubbish! I suggest boycotting this lazy bum and his new book!”

“That is, what’s that new book called? The Butterfly Game’? Never going to read it!” New book?

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Pei Qian immediately became cautious. There was indeed a prelude to a new book in the notes after careful reading!

It’s called ‘The Butterfly Game’, set in an urban city.

However, not many of the readers were paying attention to the new book. They were all criticizing Cui Geng.

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That was normal. Cui Geng had been writing the Xuanhuan novel so his readers were all fans of Xuanhuan. They had no interest in urban themes.

Not only did that not attract the old readers, but many of them even went to the comments section of the new book to dissuade the readers from reading. They said that the author was not reliable and cautioned everyone against falling into a trap.

Pei Qian was worried at first, but he immediately felt assured after reading the criticism.

“Maybe I’m overthinking it.

“A leopard never changes its spots. Teachable had been a well-known lazy bum in Zhongdian Chinese Network. Would he continue writing his book with stable earnings and benefits from a job?


“I’ll be able to lose a lot of money and become a tycoon if he could really write a book seriously!”