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Even when she’s talking to me, it seems like she’s giving it her all.

“The whole grade is separated into four classes, right? I wonder if that’s actually by ability.”

“I know that the results of the entrance exam don’t directly correspond to the results. There are people that deserve to be in the top class based on test scores, so I figured about that much.”

Horikita, Koenji, and Yukimura would definitely rank highly in the grade.

“Isn’t it something like ‘overall ability’?”

I gave a vague reply. I’ve also thought about it many times, but couldn’t come up with an answer.

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“But I always wondered. People might be good at studying and bad at sports, or vice versa. But if the students are ranked by overall ability, doesn’t that mean that the lower classes are at a severe disadvantage?”

“Isn’t that how societal competition works? I don’t think it’s strange.”

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Ichinose crossed her arms and paused. It looked like she didn’t understand.

“If it was an individual match, then maybe. But this is a class competition. If you put all the good people in class A, isn’t there absolutely no chance of winning?”

I mean, that’s pretty much the current state of the class points.

However, it seemed like Ichinose’s thoughts were different.

“There’s definitely a difference between class A and D, but I think that’s because they’re trying to hide something by using something so trivial.”

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“Your reasoning?”

“Ahahaha, nothing much. It just came to me for some reason. If that wasn’t true, it would be accurate to call this situation harsh. I think that there are people who can study and do well in sports in class D for a reason.”

Is that different than the usual system?

If the classes were separated using only our academic ability, there would be no way to beat the other classes, no matter how hard we tried.

An important factor to this system is being an expert in many fields.