How does a pharmacist make money online?

How does a pharmacist make money online?

Meng Chang’s mouth opened slightly and he was shocked. In fact, this was the first time he lost his composure as someone with good self restraint.

He was completely shocked by Boss Pei’s words.

In a normal context, Boss Pei’s words did not sound like a problem. It was nothing more than a superior reprimanding his subordinate for failing to meet his requirements time and time again, for failing to do his job well.

However, Meng Chang obviously did not think that this was under normal circumstances!

He thought that he and Boss Pei had always been competing in wits and courage. He had relied on messing up the publicity to get commission, while Boss Pei had relied on selling products to earn money.

Under such circumstances, Boss Pei would definitely try his best to obstruct and destroy his publicity plan.

He had only been in Tengda Corporation for a few months and was only in charge of marketing. How could his small arms be able to win against Boss Pei?

However, that was not all. The key was that Boss Pei would always pretend to be on his side and consider problems. He seemed to be more anxious than him.

He could only say that the Best Actor was the Best Actor. His acting skills were real and fake. It looked fake but his expression was real. It looked real but on further thought, it was fake.

Therefore, Meng Chang was speechless for a moment. It seemed wrong to retort, but it also seemed wrong to not retort. Thus, he was stunned.

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Pei Qian was even angrier when he saw Meng Chang’s confused expression. “Aren’t you good at talking? Why aren’t you talking now?”

“Forget it, I might have been too strict with you.”