Singing online

Singing online

It was after Ichinose had seen the letters, and Kamuro had come to my room to tell me about her past with shoplifting.

I decided to make a move of my own against Sakayanagi’s strategy. In order to carry it out, that evening, I called a particular schoolgirl and asked her to come and meet up with me in my room.

And then, the appointed time came. Instead of the sound of the doorbell, a light knocking echoed throughout the room.

As the door was already unlocked, I just opened it up right away.

The faint scent of flowers tickled my nose as cold air came flowing in from the hallway.

“Good evening, Ayanokōji-kun.”

Because it was around midnight, Kushida’s voice was a bit softer than usual.

“Sorry for calling you at such a bad time. If you don’t mind, please come in.”

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“Are you sure?”

“It would be cold if we stayed by the front door.”

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“Yeah. Thank you then.”

For a girl to enter a boy’s room in the dead of night.

Furthermore, to be completely alone with him. Generally speaking, it would be entirely understandable for her to turn down such an offer.

Despite all of that, Kushida came in without hesitation.

“Ayanokōji-kun. It’s a little early, but this is for you.”

From the inside pocket of her coat, she took out a box of chocolates that had been tied up with a pink ribbon.

“Are you sure?”