Is online information to make money?

Is online information to make money?

The comments section proved this.

“I see! Thank you for your explanation, Big Boss!”

“It’s no wonder... there’s so much to it.”

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“That’s right. Locals would understand the final post-credits scene very well. In fact, it upholds the meaning behind the entire film. However, to foreigners, and especially to overseas judges, that scene would have been uncomfortable to watch.”

“Perhaps the judges felt that the final post-credits scene had ruined the entire film’s artistry.”

“Yes, you can’t say much. We understand.”

“Tomorrow is Beautiful won the Jury Prize even though there were so many factors going against it. Doesn’t that prove all-the-more that the film was well-produced?”

“What a pity. The production team should have just cut the second post-credits scene away before submitting the film!”

“I think that the production team already knew about this problem but chose not to do anything.”

“Why? Do they have something against the award?”

Everyone shared their own opinions until another film critic who had watched countless films spoke up. “I also think that the production team did that on purpose. It’s actually not hard to understand.

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“First, the production team was definitely clear on the message that the film was trying to convey and the meaning of the pistol-throwing post-credits scene. Otherwise, why did they film it?

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“If they were clear on the meaning, they would also have expected that the judges would not find that scene palatable. Cutting that scene out would have been simple, but they did not do that.

“I think there could only be two reasons.