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There’s a risk that he would just give up and stop trying in this exam.

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However, this isn’t something we can settle through talking alone.

Maybe getting Ike to confess soon was the fastest way out.

“Although you’re good at many things, you don’t seem to be good at romance at all.”

“I’m studying hard right now.”

“For real?… Well, let me see what I can do. For now, I’ll start with asking Ike-kun and Shinohara-san to form a group together, alright?”

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Even though we hadn’t finished our meals, Horikita took out her phone and launched the OAA app.

Only to discover something completely unexpected.

“Unfortunately, it seems like we’re too late.”

Horikita put her phone on the table and slided it toward me so that I could see the screen. On the OAA, you could see the groups that have been formed, and it showed that Shinohara and Komiya had already formed a group. The third person in their group was Kinoshita Minori of Class B.

“Since we’ve already reached this point, we must take measures to prevent Ike-kun’s loss of motivation.”

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“Let’s discuss this with Yosuke as well. He’s thinking about the best group for Ike right now.”

The prospect of forming groups for the uninhabited island exam would be difficult.

Post nightfall my customary date with Kei began in my room.

Today’s conversation focused on the groupings for the exam, starting with the fight between Ike and Shinohara.

“Hey… Kiyotaka, who do you plan to group up with for this uninhabited island exam?”

With a somewhat shy expression, Kei looked up at me and raised this question.