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And so a man walked into the distance.

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Horikita stared straight at his back, constantly watching, cherishing every last moment.

This scene was as if Horikita Manabu and his sister was leaving me a roadsign.

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Even though the elder Horikita had disappeared from our sight, we still looked at that direction for some time.

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But we couldn’t just stay immersed within this downhearted atmosphere.

So I used my words to get rid of the resolute unbudging state of Horikita.

“It’s going to get more lonely from now on.”


Although it wasn’t the last time they’ll see each other, for the next 2 years, she won’t be able to hear his voice, let alone see his figure.

But Horikita’s face tightened, and a severe expression appeared.

“Thank you, Ayanokouji-san… you’ve really helped me a lot today.”

“Really? I feel like I’m just getting in the way of you two.”

“That’s not the case. If you haven’t talked with my brother, I wouldn’t have been able to catch up. Thank you very much.”

Horikita expressed her gratitude to me who really shouldn’t have been here.

But her line of sight didn’t reach me, and she looked away.

“And this was the day my brother embarked on his journey. It would have been sad if no one but me came to see him off…”

Although this was her brother’s decision, it would indeed feel a bit lonely.

There should have been more people seeing him off originally.

The fact he didn’t do that must be because he was trying to make it easier for his sister.