What is the profession of telling the story online?

What is the profession of telling the story online?

He opened Aili Island and quickly found the video.

“Dong! Dong!”

An axe was cut deeply into the tree. Rain pattered in the sky, and the rumbling war drum sounded. In the Orc camp, the laborers were cutting wood diligently.

“Ding ding ding...”

The urgent sound of the bell rang throughout the human town. The farmers who were mining gold came to the town hall and picked up iron swords, armor, and shields.

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A line of words appeared on the screen: “In development—Art and special effects are not the final effect.”

The image was pulled up. The camps of humans, orcs, elves, and other races appeared on the screen one after another. Looking down from the screen, the busy farmers, bustling towns, and the assembled army were ready to fight.

The screen zoomed in and more details appeared.

The muscles of the orcs, the thick plate armor of the human knights, the flames rising from the demons...

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All of these details were clearly displayed in front of the players. Coupled with the passionate music, it made their blood boil!

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Immediately after that, every model that had been redone before and after was displayed. The heroes that he knew so well had all turned from mosaics to high-definition models. They looked ten times more handsome.

“A re-created character and animation!”

“A brand new map and battle!”