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“If there’s a problem with the overseas league, the overseas companies will definitely take the blame for us! If the overseas players are not satisfied, they should also look for the overseas agent companies. They would definitely not target us first.”

“What’s more, we don’t have to make the other leagues look exactly like GPLs.”

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“Boss Pei has indeed invested a lot of effort into the GPL, but this is because the GPL is our own competition zone. GOG only has one champion in the global invitational tournament. The competition zones must be competing with each other. If we take it all on, it would be equivalent to turning all the leagues in the world into internal leagues. On the other hand, letting the various competition zones decide their own development direction would allow the ecology of the different regions to be more diverse. The collision in the finals would also be more exciting.”

Everyone nodded.

Obviously, none of the strategies could be comprehensive. They had to give up one thing if they chose the other.

Not everyone agreed with the current method, but since it was Boss Pei’s decision, everyone would still carry it out resolutely.

Soon, everyone began to take on their respective roles. They contacted overseas companies in different regions and began to discuss cooperation details.

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This would definitely be a relatively long process. After all, it would take time to determine the venue and renovate it.

Fortunately, the list of clubs in each division was ready-made. As long as the slots were finalized and the schedule was arranged, the league could start very quickly.

The problem of sponsors could be solved while the league was ongoing. These were all trivial matters.

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On the other hand, Tengda did not make any hard requirements for the qualifiers. They did not say how much they had to sell them for.

That was because the situation in each region was different. Some places had developed economically, the e-sports industry was developing quickly, and the clubs had rich financial resources. The league slots would definitely be crazily snatched and would definitely be sold at a higher price. What’s more, the e-sports industry in some areas was developing slowly. There were only a few clubs in total. They would not be able to afford it, nor would they be able to organize the league If they were to spend an astronomical sum to buy the slots.

Therefore, there would be differences in the qualifiers, scale, bonuses, and so on according to the actual situation of each region. These differences would also affect the qualifiers for the next international invitational tournament.

Simply put, the stronger teams would have more slots.

As for the specific cooperative companies, they also had to be carefully screened.

Boss Pei might have said that he wanted to collaborate with a small company, but no one would think that it would be over with any random small company.

Boss Pei’s words obviously had another hidden condition: to find a reliable small company!

He had to ensure that they would do their best to help promote GOG’s league.