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how do buffets make money

The magic circle was installed in a dedicated room called『Spiritual Power Room』.

No matter how you think about it, there’s no way it would only be around 1000 or 2000 gold.

(I-If I remember correctly… It was around one million gold per spirit sword, right?)

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There were more than one hundred spirit swords in the preparation room.

But this magic circle is the only one in this spiritual power room.

From a viewpoint of rarity, the magic circle overwhelms the spirit sword.

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(At minimum it will cause at least 1 million gold… right?)

Colour quickly drained from my face.

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A million gold is a lot of money.

If you have that much money, you will be able to live without working for a year.

(…This is bad)

I was supposed to become a fine swordsman and let my mother live an easy life.

At this rate, I might drag her into a debt of hell.

(…No, no, calm down. Maybe it’s surprisingly cheap….!)