What is the software that can work all jobs?

What is the software that can work all jobs?

He rubbed his eyes, thinking that he might have been hallucinating.

When he had checked it multiple times previously, the downloads were always in the tens. However, it had suddenly increased to more than 2,000!

Ma Yang thought that he was seeing things. But, when he checked out the ratings and reviews by players, he knew that it was true.

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A group of gamers had indeed discovered this game!

The first thing Ma Yang checked was the rating of the game – it was at an exaggerating 9.7!

Initially, Ghost General’s review section was absolutely empty. However, there were already hundreds of reviews by now!

“Why is this game sold at 10 yuan? It’s more expensive than Qute Three Kingdoms, what the hell?!”

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“The previous commenter, you must not have played the game yet, right? You’re complaining that 10 yuan is expensive? It’s too cheap!”

“I’ve played it seriously for a little and found that it’s a mobile card game filled with sincerity! The key is that there’s only a single permanent membership card that the game sells to you. If you were to lump it together with the cost of the game, everything costs a mere 40 yuan!”

“40 yuan to play as much as you want while everyone’s equal without any top up values or paywalls. I’m appalled! Is this even a mobile card game?”

“This game’s quality is rather decent. As a loyal fan of mobile card games, I’ve finally found one that is unique!”

“What’s memorable are the characters inside! I’ve never seen anyone interpret characters of the three kingdoms using such a unique manner! It’s absolutely unbelievable! Yet, within its ridiculousness, there’s a refreshing feeling to it!”

“The original art’s awesome! I’ll even be willing to pay money in-game just because of the original arts! What? I can’t pay money in-game? Seems like I can only give a 5-star review then!”

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Ma Yang’s hands were shivering in excitement. After going through the reviews page by page, he couldn’t even find a single negative review!