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Met online, a person not let me make money with his stock

“No way, Bro…”

The customers who were excited by auctions and gambling turned pale all at once.

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And the hoodlums…

“Damn, it… Bro!”

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“Hey, Bro! We’ll do something about this! You, just leave okay!”

“Rather, why didn’t you avoid it? Why…”

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“Hey, calm down, guys! It’s true that Bro is unusual, but…”

This reaction from the delinquents. Yes, the hoodlums ‘knew’.

“Ah~, you got… first blood. Well, this is also one of the punishments…. I’m willing to accept it. I don’t care what happens to me.”

While everyone was surprised by Bro laughing like that, Chitsue’s voice echoed throughout the gambling hall.

“Hmm, that’s right! Ladies and gentlemen… This guy, Bro Glenn… who was deceiving our eyes and slipping into human society…. is a demon, that it is!!”

“Yes, he is… Human and Demon. A mixed race…. that is, half-breed.”

I got speechless and fell behind at Bro’s true nature, which I hadn’t expected at all.

The buzzing nobles, who had been talking to Bro earlier in the day in good spirits, were all surprised and backed away, as if they were afraid.

However, Bro who was hit with a liquor bottle, remained dignified and was wiping his wet head and a little blood.

“I wasn’t deceiving or hiding anything. I just wore this hat all the time because I liked it…. Besides, and I’m not a human, demon or half-demon.”

The identity that you would originally want to hide.

No wonder. Even though the war is over, the current world still doesn’t easily accept variants.

That’s why Mr. Aka was hiding in the mountains because he had such a hard time and was aware of it.