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「Ah, you’re so terrible…! Even though we loved each other so intensely, you had forgotten all about me…」

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I had no idea what he’s talking about, but…

It was obvious that he was obsessed with me.

(I have no choice but to do it…)

And when I hardened my resolve,

「Allen, you go ahead to the Five Wealthy Merchants first!」

「Leave this to us…!」

Ria and Rose took a step forward with their sword ready.

「We can take care of this guy with the two of us!」

「No problem. Leave this to us.」

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If they say so, I’m sure they’ll be all right.

I left the place assuredly and rushed to the seventh floor where the Five Wealthy Merchants were waiting.

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「Aa!? Wait, Allen!」

「Your opponent…」

「Will be us!」

Then I ran up the stairs and swung opened the room labeled VIP room.