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“Unfortunately, Shinohara’s testimony was the only evidence they had. Neither Komiya nor Kinosh*ta could recall whether they were actually attacked or not. The school should still be investigating it, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.”

“They’re looking at it under the pretense that Shinohara-senpai lied because she didn’t want her fellow group members to retire.”

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“What should we do Ryūen? Even if we manage to place in the top three, it’ll be meaningless if Komiya and Kinosh*ta get expelled.”

If Shinohara’s group came in last place, Class 2-D and 2-B would both suffer major setbacks.

“You said you were lookin’ for me, right? Shinohara’s your classmate, so I assume you’ve already come up with a plan to stop the expulsions. Or am I wrong?”

Of course, despite not knowing any of the details, Ryūen instinctively knew that I had thought of something.

“Sorry Nanase, but I can’t let you listen to the rest of this conversation. The survival of the second-years is at stake here.”

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“I understand.”

After confirming that Nanase had moved a sufficient distance away from us, I approached Ryūen and shared the details of my strategy with him.

He could just tell Katsuragi about it himself afterward.

“Kuku, I see. With a plan like that there really is a way for Shinohara to survive. That said… will it all go smoothly?”

“It should have a decent chance as long as you cooperate. The rest will happen naturally.”

“You’ve got balls changing sh*t up like this. If the other groups realize what’s happening, they’ll start takin’ action too.”

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I responded with a small nod. That was the very reason why I didn’t want Nanase to overhear us. If the first-year students were to find out about it, it would probably lead to a confrontation between the second-year students and everyone else.