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As I was unable to pull out the Black Sword, I drew my usual sword. But at that moment,

「…Hey, where are you looking?」

He was already standing behind me.


That guy, clad in darkness, was incomparably faster than he was before.

「Hey, plant your feet firmly!」


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Even his physical strength was incomparable to before.

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(What strength…!)

I somehow managed to defend his strong kick with my sword, but was sent flying horizontally like a ball.

「Ga, ha…」

My back crashed into a huge rock making me spew out all the air in my lungs.

The tremendous impact made my consciousness waver and my sword slipped from my right hand.

(Defense… was absolutely pointless…)

Before that overwhelming violence, the defenses that I had acquired in the past were of no use.

「Hey, here comes the finishing blow…!」

「Shit…. I’m not gonna… accept defeat… !」

The moment I thrust my hands forward, towards his looming fist,