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The order of the events, what events were chosen, and how Ryuuen went about doing them.

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Where she won and where she lost. Ichinose revealed the answers for how she had failed without concealing it.

Ryuuen’s Class D adopted a style of brute force when doing the events.

To the Class B students, this exploited one of their glaring weaknesses.

“They adopted a fighting method that plays to their strengths. I’ll give that to them.”

“If so, we don’t stand a chance against them.”

“Yeah… even on the boy’s side, only Sudo-san could win. No, if his opponent is Yamada-san, there’s no guarantee of victory.”

If Koenji was serious, he might be able to win as well, but even if so, Horikita couldn’t say that aloud.

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As for the girls, outside of Horikita, I didn’t think anyone else could put up a fight.

“Class A might be able to win against Ryuuen’s methods.”

“I agree with that.”

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It all depended on luck. If even a bit of luck was on Ryuuen’s side, he would be able to defeat every other class.

If you look at all their battles, their win rate was the highest against Class B.

That would be proof of his intention to attack Class B from the very start.

“But, you also chose a few of your own events, so how did you lose on two of them?”

Although Ryuuen’s methods were powerful, it all depended on luck one way or another.

Class B chose 4 events, so Ichinose still could have won in those.