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Then having Ryuuen dredge up her past and having to realize all of it is because of me.

She must be falling apart, her emotional state unstable.

"You managed to create the present by overcoming your past. You'll just pick up where you left off starting tomorrow".

But if it's Karuizawa Kei we're talking about, there's no problem.

I confirmed it when I encountered her again on the rooftop.

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"I'm the one who hurt you. I won't ask you to forgive me. But please just remember this one thing. If something like that happened today happens to you again, I will definitely save you".

"Kiyo, taka......".

Despite going through all she's gone through, Karuizawa still refuses to leave the parasitic destination that is me.

Karuizawa's reached the point where she won't be able to go on at this school without my existence.

No matter what happens, her heart will never crumble so long as I am there.

I wonder how it would've turned out if I had stepped in to save Karuizawa at an earlier stage.

There's no doubt that by swiftly fulfilling my promise to her, feelings of dependence would have grown stronger on Karuizawa's end. But if she were to be placed in a similar situation again, it would only amplify Karuizawa's despair.

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But by dragging this out to the last stage, she grew to have faith in me until the very last moment. At the same time, I was also able to grasp that Karuizawa isn't someone who'd easily betray me.

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Of course, even if she had spat my name out, that in itself would've resulted in 'guilt' and from that moment onwards, there's no doubt I'll be able to make use of her at will.

It would be sacrilegious to let go of a pawn like Karuizawa.

Her usefulness is secondary, there's nothing more important than keeping her in hand.