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Guo Licheng heard someone gulping down their saliva.

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They had been eating salad for such a long time. Now, everyone drooled after catching a single whiff of cup noodles. Smelling skewers was all the more torturous. Who could hold themselves back upon seeing the piping hot and fragrant meal in front of them? Still, nobody touched their cutlery. Instead, all of them looked at Guo Licheng, stunned.

Guo Licheng gulped his saliva as well. He cleared his throat and said, “I think it was a mistake. I guess there’s no other choice. We shouldn’t waste food. Let’s eat; we’ll train after this.”


Everyone immediately grinned as they grabbed their lunch boxes and stuffed themselves with food.

Guo Licheng knocked on the table. “Slow down! Chewing slowly helps with digestion and prevents you from getting fat.”

It was only then that everyone slowed down.

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Two of the girls held their spoons and swallowed mouth after mouth of stewed rice and tofu. Their eyes welled up with tears.

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They were moved!

Finally, they did not have to eat grass anymore. Finally, they could eat food meant for humans!

Guo Licheng looked like he was enjoying himself, too. He had to admit that food of this temperature and taste was much, much better than salad.

While eating, Guo Licheng felt increasingly confused. Although it felt like the delivery had been a mistake, the food was actually quite healthy. It looked like less oil had been used. What’s more, brown rice, carrots, green peppers, corn kernels, chicken breasts, eggs, and tofu were all relatively healthy ingredients

Yet, on second thought, Fish-Catching Take-Out’s food leaned towards the healthy side. Their daily menu contained small amounts of oil and salt as well; it was not as intense as other take-out brands.

Thus, Guo Licheng remained silent. In his heart, he made a note to ask Rui Yuchen about it when he got the chance in the future.

May 21st, Saturday...