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I agreed with Horikita’s request.

“For now, let’s focus on the provisional exam. After all, this is a valuable opportunity for us to confirm the difficulty level of the end-of-year exam and get a good grasp on where we’re at as a class.”

However, while that would be easy for Horikita, the people that had been targeted by these rumors wouldn’t be able to do that so simply.

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When Kei and the rest of her friend group finally got to the classroom, they all gathered together and began to whisper amongst each other.

Each of them would periodically glance over in my direction with a look of disgust in their eyes.

Even though I wasn’t able to hear their discussion, it was perfectly clear what kind of things they were saying to each other. Something like…

‘Do you really think Ayanokōji-kun has a crush on Karuizawa-san?’

‘What do you think about him, Karuizawa-san?’

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And there was no doubt in my mind that Kei was responding to them, describing me with words like ‘gross’ and ‘terrible’.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t care?”

“…It’s still kinda hard.”

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I would’ve continued to watch them talk, but I didn’t want to actually hear any of the insults they’d be tossing around, so I looked away.

The real problem was the other students targeted by the rumors other than me.

(Part 3 End)