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She put a bookmark between the pages before rising up from the bench. Then, she walked towards us cleanly and elegantly as if she’s a model. After that, the girl stopped in front of us and smiled.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“G-Good morning.”

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Everyone’s replying nervously for some reason. During this time, …she looked up to the sunny sky and continued as if it’s too charming.

“Such beautiful weather. What a great day for gaming!”

“Indeed, she’s really that guy’s girlfriend!”

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

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We realized something on our own, and it confused Tendou…Yep, the jokes should stop here.

Everyone walked towards the bench that Tendou sat on as we waited for the remaining participant…The man at the center – Keita Amano.

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Aguri mumbled confusingly.

“This is rare. I can’t believe Amanocchi is the last to show up. He’ll always arrive at the meeting place first and even salute while waiting for me.”

“Why are you making him salute? But, I guess it’s quite strange for Amano to be late.”

Just as Aguri and I are starting to chat about this, “Ah, about that.” Tendou helped to explain.

“He messaged me just then, it seems that he wanted to bring another person in. So, they took the next bus and will arrive one or two minutes later.”

The part that he went out of his way to contact us that he’ll be late for a minute is really like Amano.

After Aguri and I answered, “we got it,” Hoshinomori tilted her head unbelievably.

“However, who’s the person? Although we indeed wanted to invite more people to this, I think Keita’s friends aside from those in the Game Hobby Club…”

“It’s probably Mizumi, right?”